2013 sees us re-establish this series of indulgent curated mixtapes by friends and family of the LuckyMe label. In an age of too many disposable club mixes there is something to be said for the trusted integrity of the curator. Don’t just take our word for it – feel free to pour over these mixes dating back to the formation of LuckyMe in 2007. We always ask our contributors to feel completely liberated – mixes of alternative genres and guilty pleasures are completely encouraged here. With over 100 tapes into the archive you are less likely to hear the big songs of the current month here. We will either bring you brand new exclusive dubs or dig deep and do something unexpected.

New tapes become available here or via iTunes podcast, then on Mixcloud soon after. Thank you to the contributors. And thank you to our friends who model the tapes.

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Icee Hot Records, Icee Hot Club, LuckyMe Mixtape, LuckyMe Records

114. Ghosts On Tape, Shawn Reynaldo, Rollie Fingers – Icee Hot Mixtape [explicit]

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So our favourite San Fran party has turned label and reached out with a commemorative 70 minute selection of flawless house and techno by three quarters of its founders (shout out to Low Limit who is absent here). Onboard their first flight into California one would be forgiven for thinking they were on the approach to the real ‘Western-Paradise’. San Francisco in particular is so, so beautiful. It may seem like a bizarre place for a squad to be culturally evoking the cooler climates of Michigan and Berlin but listen close, really close – and you’ll here something wholly new shine through between these kiks and hats of Icee Hot No.001. Whether intended or not this music is synthetic and real, dark and bright in equal measure – Icey. Hot.

Peace to Danielle in the photo.


1. Grown Folk “Keep Few Near” (Icee Hot)
2. TB “Invitation to Love” (HVNed)
3. Ghosts on Tape “Nature’s Law (Jus-Ed Remix)” (Icee Hot)
4. Alex Cortex “Oh Yeah” (Killekill House Trax)
5. Lemonade “Soft Kiss (Anthony Naples Remix)” (True Panther)
6. Mike Dehnert “Umlaut2 (Levon Vincent’s NY Basement Mix)” (Clone Basement Series)
7. Ghosts on Tape “No Guestlist” (Icee Hot)
8. DJ Duke “Back to the Bass” (Power Music)
9. Lando Kal “Help Myself” (Icee Hot)
10. Contakt “Nobody Else (Ghosts on Tape Remix)” (Icee Hot)
11. BDI “New Robotics #17″ (Rush Hour)
12. Mike Huckaby “Basement Trax” (Tresor)
13. Bleak “Ekko” (Deeply Rooted House)
14. Anthony Naples “Moscato” (Mr. Saturday Night)
15. Untold “Caslon” (Hemlock)
16. Alden Tyrell “Tntus” (Clone Basement Series)
17. Arjuna Schiks “Mahesvari” (Gem)

DJ bake, bake. all caps records, luckyme mixtape

113. Bake – All Caps Mixtape 

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Bake is one of the best new djs in the UK. If you even half believe in the rule of 10,000 (that anyone needs to dedicate 10,000 hours devout practice to become world class) – then you’ll find some proof in Bake. For as long as we can remember he has been a presence in clubs in our home town but now he’s 21 years old, he’s spent years doing nothing else, and his label All Caps are fast becoming a force to be reckoned with. But you know that from their few releases to date. Or if you don’t – cut into your 10,000 hours practice with this rich and deftly mixed 90 minute selection from a bright talent. Peace Barky.

And peace to the crowd of Loud Minority in Vienna for once again supplying our cover.


1. morenas – hazme sonar / (dfc)
2. unknown – untitled / (unreleased)
3. herbert & dani siciliano – going around / (phonography)
4. actress – ivy may gilpin / (werk discs)
5. l.i.e.s. – comeback dust (max d’s big top dustheads mix) / (future times)
6. unknown – untitled 7-31 / (unreleased)
7. kalisha – i got something here / (-n-sync inc.)
8. aphrodisiax – unfinished business / (jus’house)
9. grant nelson – track 101 / (nice n ripe)
10. eddie s – the scream / (tnt records)
11. mood II swing – ohh / (groove on)
12. rhythim is rhythim – drama / (transmat)
13. dizzy wright – solo dolo / (self released)
14. mike perras – beginning of life / (bassic records)
15. heaven & earth – prescription every night / (prescription)
16. theorem vs sweyzak – a day in hell / (m_nus)
17. truncate – dial / (truncate)
18. submission – women beat their men / (velocity recordings)
19. unknown – 2 (all caps)
20. cajmere – looking for a man / (live)
21. robert hood – untitled / (m-plant)
22. sterac – therac / (100% pure)
23. danny weed – salt beef / (white)
24. dj double g – poison / (dfl)
25. mr james barth – pay me in love / (svek)
26. drewsky phase II – wigged out / (dance mania)
27. suburban knight – moon rays / (underground resistance)
28. transllusion – crossing into the mental astroplane / (supremat)
29. sia – get me (groove chronicles remix) / (long lost brother records)
30. james blake – not long now (klausmix) / (unreleased)
31. red – i should tell ya mamma on ya / (stones throw)

TNGHT, Hudson Mohawke, lunice, Hud Mo, LuckyMe, Loonice

112. TNGHT – The Full Mission Statement Mixtape [explicit]

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First cut in half and broadcast with Mista Jam, then the full hour revealed on the Diplo & Friends show in at 1am on 15.07.12. Then posted with our folks at Rolling Stone magazine – here you go – the full, uncensored version. TNGHT’s debut EP out now on Warp X LuckyMe, everywhere.

Peace to the Thea & S-Type in the photo


1 John Carpenter – Back to the pod (version 2)
2 SpaceGhostPurrp – Get Yah Head Bust
3 Dj Zirk – Lock Em In Da Trunk (Chopped & Screwed Tommy Kruise Remix)
4 Lil Ugly Mane feat. Denzel Curry – Twistin
5 Jackie Chain feat. Bun B & Big K.R.I.T. – Parked Outside
6 Lady Bee – Hard Like A Criminal
7 Dj Squeeky & Tha Family – Death To You Playa Hata
8 Snoop Dogg feat. Master P – Snoop World
9 Lunice – Youngin (Paper) (forthcoming LuckyMe)
10 TNGHT – Bugg’N (forthcoming Warp X LuckyMe)
11 2Chainz feat. Drake – No Lie
12 Lunice – Believe Dat (forthcoming LuckyMe)
13 TNGHT – Ridin Up
14 Chief Keef feat. Kanye West, Pusha T, Big Sean & Jadakiss – I Don’t Like (Remix)
15 TNGHT – Goooo (forthcoming Warp X LuckyMe)
16 GOOD Music – Mercy x Furnace
17 Hudson Mo – Chimes
18 Sasha Go Hard – I’m Hotta
19 Zebra Katz x Boyfriend – Winter Titty
20 Decibel – GAP
21 TNGHT – Bounce Hitum
22 Waka Flocka Flame – Rooster in my Rari (TNGHT official remix)
23 TNGHT – Higher Ground (forthcoming Warp X LuckyMe)
24 Stabber – Torsion Force
25 S-Type – Billboard (forthcoming LuckyMe)
26 TNGHT – Go Get Busy (forthcoming Warp X LuckyMe)
27 Zodiac – Girlgirlgirl
28 John Carpenter – Over the Wall

Eclair Fifi, LuckyMe, Truants

111. Eclair Fifi – Truants Mixtape

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Eclair & Truants generally run our internet experience already, so them joining forces to release a new Eclair Fifi mix in May was the sort of dream team power move the world hadn’t seen since the Bo Jackson X Michael Jordan X Wayne Gretsky cartoon (ed: ESPN’s Prostars). Don’t take our word for it. Download above.

Peace to the Sorayea at Truants


Claude Speeed, American Men, LuckyMe

110. Claude Speeed – White Horses & Swells Mixtape

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Travelling the far east for the majority of the last year with nothing more than 4Kg luggage, headphones and a macbook air, Claude has written a series of albums for his band Americanmen & of course his more electronic, amorphous solo material. But this is not a selection cut from a salt-bleached, tie-dyed cloth. No, this seems more like a loving tribute to the West. Like he’s cracking knuckles and returning home anew. He has continually provided this series with our favourites and I know that time will count this ‘White Horses & Swells’ Mix amongst them. A perfectly picked selection of contemporary classical stirred into musique concrete and his own exclusives. We can’t wait to reveal more Claude Speeed & American Men projects as the year rolls on.

Peace to the Najaaraq, and welcome back Stuart


Trackademicks, Honor Roll, LuckyMe, Mixtape

109. Trackademicks – Breeze is the Steez Mixtape

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It seems since day dot we’ve followed the name ‘Trackademicks’. It’s so hard to say when this guy appeared on our radar. What was the first remix he made, sat two tracks after the single, that blew it out the water? How does a guy sit comfortably in indy rap of the early 00s, get involved in the hyphy boom round 05 & still knock out crystal clean rnb & dance music the entire time. There’s just something about this dude that’s real effortless. He’s so completely on his own shit. There’s a confidence to how stripped down some of the programming is. And man, don’t even get me started on those Teedra Moses (Maybach Music) produced by Track’ that’ve been played to death in The Blessings sets (and mixtapes) over the years. So it’s with great pride that the Honor Roll boss casts us an exclusive mixtape of predominantly his own material – full of exclusives, remixes, new shit & some other shit. We hope you enjoy the sound of his ‘Breezmobb’ music.

Peace to the Trackademicks cupcake in the photo.


1. Trackademicks – Mantra Music (prod. By 1-O.A.K.) (Unreleased)
2. 1-O.A.K.- Rewind
3. Trackademicks- More Than Two Ways Instrumental
4. LCD Soundsystem- Someone Great (prod. by the DFA)
5. 1-O.A.K.- Someone Great (cover) (Unreleased)
6. Trackademicks – Unlimited Love (Unreleased)
7. Trackademicks – Waterworks (Unreleased)
8. Chris Brown – Beautiful People (1-O.A.K. Remix)
9. Amp live & Eligh – Metronome (Trackademicks Remix)
10. Mike Baker the Bike Maker – You Don’t HaveTo Say a Thing feat Trackademicks
11. Polyester The Saint – Friend of Mine
12. Little Dragon – Looking Glass (Trackademicks’ Quasar Gazer Remix)
13. Trackademicks – The Headmaster (Unreleased)
14. Trackademicks – On My Mind (Unreleased)
15. Trackademicks – J.O.Y. (Joke’s On You) (Unreleased)
16. Trackademicks – Need You to Want It (Unreleased)
17. J.Stalin – Go Get It feat Stevie Joe (Livewire)
18. Trackademicks – California Lifestyle
19. Trackademicks – PhilanTropic (Unreleased)
20. Trackademicks – E(lectric) Harmony
21. IAMSU – Clothes, shows & Afros (HBK)
22. Kool A.D. (of Das Racist) – Town Business Mondre Man (of the Main Attrakionz), Trackademicks & Dope G
23. J*Davey – Valley of Love
22. Janelle Monae – Violet Stars, Happy Hunting!(Trackademicks Remix) Instrumental
25. Janelle Monae – Many Moons (Trackademicks Remix) Instrumental
26. Trackademicks – Work Daze (Mid-Day montage)
27. Trackademicks – Big Butts, Bikini Bottoms & Blu Blockers

Joe Muggs, Dub, Beat, The Wire, Mixmag, LuckyMe

108. Joe Muggs – Dug, Drug, Dub  ’88 -’94 Mixtape

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Joe’s been a friend and early supporter of the crew, writing Rustie’s first piece for The Wire back in 2009 (maybe late 2008?). That was a very big deal. Since then it’s been almost impossible to miss his prolific comment on the state of modern electronic music – either directly through hanging out in the green room of gigs, email or twitter, or by following his work for The Arts Desk, The Wire or Mixmag. So needless to say we were intriged when he reached out about this tape he’d recorded covering psychedelic dub spanning 1988-’94 featuring endless echoes of LSDiezel, Coil, Spiral Tribe and Renegade Soundwave spinning out over it’s one hour duration. It’s exactly what this series, over 100 episodes deep now, has become about – indulgence. Joe also wants you to know that next month sees the launch of Tom Middleton & crew’s Sound Of The Cosmos label with a double 12″ EP, no doubt cut from the same drug Muggs, drug rug as this mix.

Peace to The Loud Minority, Vienna for the photo.


POL Style, NMBRS, Japan

107. POL Style – All Night Long Mixtape

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It’s so dumb that we’ve not actually managed to sit in the same room as POL Style. We’ve been running this label now for a few years and frankly we’re getting a bit sick of our guys stripping the airports of shitty sandwiches while we sit here writing schtick-laden copy for a free mixtape series. But here’s the deal – everyone we know… knows POL. He’s the main guy in Tokyo putting on great Numbers parties with the main exponents of this music. And he’s also one of the nicest guys in the game, letting Hud Mo, Mamiko, Joe Shabadu & Nadsroic live stream from his apartment a few years ago only to get so many noise complaints from neighbours he had to move. Just so happens he’s also an adept DJ presenting the ever-dope, eclectic techno & house & funky philosophy of Numbers to whole new ground. This mix doesn’t miss a beat, and when he reached – we were more than happy for it to contribute. That’s family.

Peace to Nargiz

1. Omar – Feeling You ( Henrik Schwarz Remix) [Phonica]
2. Armando – Downfall [Trax]
3. Galaxy 2 Galaxy – Timeline [UR]
4. R.I.P. Productions – You Cheated [Fourth Floor]
5. Logic – Blues For You (Hard Dub) [Strictly Rhythm]
6. Kim English – Nitelife (Retail Mix) [Nervous]
7. UR – Hardlife (Aaron Carl Remix) [UR]
8. Robert Armani – Circus Bells (Hardfloor Mix) [Djax Up Beats]
9. Armando – Don’t Take It [Let’s Pet Puppies]
10. Steffi – Yours ft. Virginia [Ostgut Ton]
11. Model 500 – Off To Battle [Metroplex]
12. Mayday – Wiggin [Network]
13. Funky Green Dogs – Reach For Me (12″ Mix) [MURK]
14. Anthony ‘Shake’ Shakir – Frictionalized [Rush Hour]
15. E-Dancer – Pump The Move (Kenny Larkin Remix) [KMS]
16. Mr De – 2010 A Space Odyssey [ElectroFunk]
17. Green Velvet ft. Russoul – Millie Vanillie [Relief]
18. Paul Johnson – Get Get Down [Moody Recordings]
19. Paul Johnson – Fuckin Suckin [Dance Mania]
20. DJ Slugo – Wouldn’t You Like To Be A Hoe Too [Dance Mania]
21. DJ Deeon – Shake What Ya Mamma Gave Ya [Databass]
22. Speedy J – Pullover [Plus 8]
23. DJ Deeon – Akceler 8 [Dance Mania]
24. DHS – House Of God (Mele Edit) [Soundcloud]
25. Heads High – It’s A Love Thing [Power House]
26. Parris Mitchell Project – All Night Long [Dance Mania]

Lunice & Friends

106. Lunice – Diplo & Friends Mixtape

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So Lunice jumped right in as the first guest on the Diplo & Friends show on BBC 1XTRA and RADIO ONE. And he killed it dead with a bunch of exclusives from the label. And coincidently we have this special party for him named ‘Lunice & Friends’ where he headlines in London joined by a friends from our crew. So we thought we’d archive this excellent tape for prosperity and let you all absorb it. It’s so rare we throw down in London – we hope you can all make it.You got one day to RSVP. Entry is free, just sign up here.

And peace to Ellen againnnn


1. Lunice – Look (forthcoming LuckyMe)
2. Young Jeezy – Ballin?
3. Lunice – Steady Flexin (forthcoming LuckyMe)
4. Lil Noid – Load My Clip
5. Lunice – Superman OG (forthcoming LuckyMe)
6. Nguzunguzu – Times Up
7. Wacka Flocka Flame – F Da Club Up (Lunice Remix)
8. Major Lazer – Original Don (Flosstradamus Remix)
9. Cadenza – Darkest Hype
10. Yak Ballz – Hyptronic (Lunice Remix)
11. The Phantom – Gothic
12. Usher – Lil Freak (Instrumental)
13. 2 Chainz – Spend It (Remix ft TI)
14. Lunice – Believe Dat (forthcoming LuckyMe)
15. A$AP Rocky – Pretty Flocka
16. Waka Flocka Flame – Round Of Applause (ft Drake)
17. LYC – Racks
18. Lunice – Liason
19. XV & Lunice – Swervin’
20. Lunice – Can’t Wait To (forthcoming LuckyMe)
21. Drake – Free Spirit (ft Rick Ross)
22. TNGHT – Bugg’n (forthcoming LuckyMe/Warp Records)
23. The Blessings – Whoopi (forthcoming LuckyMe)
24. Dorrough Music – Bounce Dat (ft Ay Bay Bay)
25. Wiz Khalifa – Cabin Fever
26. Ace Hood – Hustle
27. Ludacris – Fantasy
28. Night Drugs – Higher (Everydayz Remix ft Moona)
29. Lunice – Who Dat (forthcoming LuckyMe)
30. Cid Rim – A Fall Four Two (forthcoming LuckyMe)
31. Baauer – Dum Dum (forthcoming LuckyMe)
32. Wiz Khalifa – Up (The Blessings Edit)

Nick Hook, Cubic Zirconia, LuckyMe, Fools Gold Records

105. Nick Hook – Fuck Jetlag Crossin’ Time Zones Mixtape

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Seven degrees of separation is all bullshit. It doesn’t exist. The maths add up but really people in this world are not equally connected. See most of us are just nodes, all individuals. We do our work and we see our friends and we retire for the night. But if you want to know people, really meet people, you need these ‘hubs’ – these guys who spent their life doing their work and then going out to meet people, refusing to retire for the night. And Nick Hook is one those hubs. We met at SXSW in 2010 and me and Mo instantly fell in love with him after watching Cubic Zirconia melt this packed lil show to 150 people in a tiny style bar. The next day we all gatecrashed Peter Rosenbergs beats showcase and Nick was hitting shots of Jameson and freaking out the backpackers by blowing a rave whistle over the MPC hip hop sets. Ever since, we’ve been cool. The last few years of knowing him have resulted in us meeting some of our heroes through him (YAKBALLZ!) and introducing him to mutual friends (AZEALIA BANKS!). We’ve played a couple great parties together in New York, London & Scotland. And we’re still trying to get a release out of him but Nick is always flying somewhere to hang out and work with someone else. Anyway – we’re looking forward to SXSW again this year. And this tape is a SXSW flyer for him. It sums up the people he knows and works with – as well as the insane amount of travelling he does and the good vibe he effortlessly exudes. Salute Nick Hook. Most popular unsung hero in every single scene right now.

For full listings of LuckyMe related shows at SXSW 2012: head here.

And peace to Tiombe


1. Lunice – Superman (forthcoming LuckyMe)
2. Jam City – The Courts3. Boddika – Breezin (Swamp 81)
3. Presk and Cinnaman – Sweat (Doc Daneeka rmx)
4. Eli Escobar – Work It
5. Machinedrum – DDD (LuckyMe)
6. Cubic Zirconia – Take Me High (Bart BMore rmx)
7. Karizma – Twyst This
8. Mike Dunn – So Let It Be House
9. Todd Edwards – Echo of the Past
10. Kodiak – Spreio Superbus (Girl Unit rmx)
11. Orbital – LVis1990 rmx
12. DJ Soulja Man – Eski Tek
13. Zebra Katz – Ima Read
14. Kraftwerk – Computer World (Rother rmx)


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