105. Nick Hook – Fuck Jetlag Crossin’ Time Zones Mixtape

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105. Nick Hook – Fuck Jetlag Crossin’ Time Zones Mixtape

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Seven degrees of separation is all bullshit. It doesn’t exist. The maths add up but really people in this world are not equally connected. See most of us are just nodes, all individuals. We do our work and we see our friends and we retire for the night. But if you want to know people, really meet people, you need these ‘hubs’ – these guys who spent their life doing their work and then going out to meet people, refusing to retire for the night. And Nick Hook is one those hubs. We met at SXSW in 2010 and me and Mo instantly fell in love with him after watching Cubic Zirconia melt this packed lil show to 150 people in a tiny style bar. The next day we all gatecrashed Peter Rosenbergs beats showcase and Nick was hitting shots of Jameson and freaking out the backpackers by blowing a rave whistle over the MPC hip hop sets. Ever since, we’ve been cool. The last few years of knowing him have resulted in us meeting some of our heroes through him (YAKBALLZ!) and introducing him to mutual friends (AZEALIA BANKS!). We’ve played a couple great parties together in New York, London & Scotland. And we’re still trying to get a release out of him but Nick is always flying somewhere to hang out and work with someone else. Anyway – we’re looking forward to SXSW again this year. And this tape is a SXSW flyer for him. It sums up the people he knows and works with – as well as the insane amount of travelling he does and the good vibe he effortlessly exudes. Salute Nick Hook. Most popular unsung hero in every single scene right now.

For full listings of LuckyMe related shows at SXSW 2012: head here.

And peace to Tiombe


1. Lunice – Superman (forthcoming LuckyMe)
2. Jam City – The Courts3. Boddika – Breezin (Swamp 81)
3. Presk and Cinnaman – Sweat (Doc Daneeka rmx)
4. Eli Escobar – Work It
5. Machinedrum – DDD (LuckyMe)
6. Cubic Zirconia – Take Me High (Bart BMore rmx)
7. Karizma – Twyst This
8. Mike Dunn – So Let It Be House
9. Todd Edwards – Echo of the Past
10. Kodiak – Spreio Superbus (Girl Unit rmx)
11. Orbital – LVis1990 rmx
12. DJ Soulja Man – Eski Tek
13. Zebra Katz – Ima Read
14. Kraftwerk – Computer World (Rother rmx)


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