84. Mooken – 5th Day Ikiryo Mixtape

84. Mooken – 5th Day Ikiryo Mixtape

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Mooken was the first guy to ever put on Hudson Mohawke in Manchester in 2008. We drove down together with the founder of Firecracker Records to see Moodyman play (behind the curtain) and I’ll never forget waking up round Mooken’s place, hung over and groggy to pour over this enormous collection of prog, space disco & Drexciya piled up beside the makeshift bed in our room. It’s been a reality of making music that we have made friends who we met early which have continued to grow in profile through the record industry. So it was great to see Mooken hold down the other Sonar stage at the same time as us in 2010, playing directly after Matthew Herbert. Funny to think of the same dude that was so nice to us back then, sharing his house and last slice of toast with us now watching Herbert from the wings of the stage in Barcelona.

Peace to Cornelia


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