93. Oneman – Ninety Three Mixtape

93. Oneman – Ninety Three Mixtape

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First time we ever met Bok Bok I remember sittin backstage in Stereo with a blinking bar light, sat on cheap plastic seating with Jack Revill aka Jackmaster talking about how metronome-tight Oneman was – How he was ‘techno tight’. I mean, a DJ’s-DJ is kind of a rare thing in 2011 when even the guy who cleans your windows probably fucks with Serato. But Oneman is just that and here he explains why with an excellent tracklisting that’s so on-point with references we love that we feel almost embarrassed like he dropped the Quiet Storm instrumental in just for us. Big up the head of 502.

Peace to Nikita

LITE – Drops
Mobb Deep – Quiet Storm [inst.]
Bad Autopsy – Pour It On
Zed Bias – Music Deep Inside
Damage Daneeka – Creeper
French Fries – Charlotte [Canblaster remix]
Boddika – Basement
Search & Destroy – Candyfloss [Toasty remix]
Unknown – Knock, Knock
Pelican Fly – Bendin’ [Jay Weed remix]
Boddika – Soul What
Prince – I Would Die For You
Velour – She Wore Velour
Marcus Intalex – Under Surveillance
Oneohtrix Point Never – Nobody Here
Scuba – Twitch [Jamie Vex’d remix]
Fantastic Mr Fox – Peep Show [Desto remix]
Joker & Rustie – Tempered
Addison Groove – Sexual
Ikonika – Space Ugly
Gil Scott Heron & Jamie XX – NY Is Killing Me
50 Cent & Justin Timberlake – Ayo Technology [Acapella]
Girl Unit – WUT
Wiley – Shower Eski [Mickey Pearce remix]
Digital Mystikz – Lost City
Starkey – Miracles
Desto, Clouds & Jimi Tenor ft. ChaCha – Time Bird
Wiley – Saw It Coming


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