American Men

American Men are a 4-piece synthetic rock band formed of Claude Speeed, Alilloyd, Scottt Chevrolet & Steven Shade – members of Dananananakroyd and other obscure and fantastic Scottish Rock bands.

We met Claude years ago when we were still teens selling trainers together. Years later we heard he was transposing his guitar songs to synths and making this weird cut-up electronica with hip hop acapellas. It was Hud Mo who freaked out over the American Men demos. Sketched midi songs with 8 plays-a-piece sitting on myspace. But that’s whats different about this band. The writing came first. These guys are all excellent musicians so their sound formed in the process of making Cool World. Before that the promise of this band was in their arrangement and those beautiful chord progressions. Prog’ for a generation raised on Boards of Canada and short attention spans – evoking childhood visions of the future; laser etched nazca lines; a city of pyramids and modernist skyscrapers.

We didn’t really know back then that in the year of forming Cool World they would become such a great live show attracting attention from some fo the hottest names in electronic and rock music. Everyone from NME, XLR8R, Vice, URB, Dazed & Fact noticed Am Men’s debut. We’re proud to add that Claude Speeed was selected as participant to the Red Bull Music Academy program in Madrid, October 2011. New American Men music is currently in progress stopping these guys from lecturing, touring their other bands or finishing phds.


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American Men

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American Men Mixtapes

Claude Speeed, American Men, LuckyMe

110. Claude Speeed – White Horses & Swells Mixtape

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Travelling the far east for the majority of the last year with nothing more than 4Kg luggage, headphones and a macbook air, Claude has written a series of albums for his band Americanmen & of course his more electronic, amorphous solo material. But this is not a selection cut from a salt-bleached, tie-dyed cloth. No, this seems more like a loving tribute to the West. Like he’s cracking knuckles and returning home anew. He has continually provided this series with our favourites and I know that time will count this ‘White Horses & Swells’ Mix amongst them. A perfectly picked selection of contemporary classical stirred into musique concrete and his own exclusives. We can’t wait to reveal more Claude Speeed & American Men projects as the year rolls on.

Peace to the Najaaraq, and welcome back Stuart


 98. Claude Speeed – Black Athena Mixtape

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A mix by Claude Speeed showcasing his new exclusives. Thick synthetic chords and cracking 808s – it’s not dance music but it’s not not dance music.Recorded for our friends at Black Athena Radio in Greece.

Peace to Joanna

Pioneers of Anaesthetic – Rainy Morning Retreat
Claude Speeed – Ssoon
Nightwave – Nightbird
Com Truise – VHS Sex
Gwen Stefani – Luxurious (Lapalux Bootleg Remix)
American Men – Witch
American Men – Dnaas
Gang Gang Dance – Glass Jar (Ango Edit)
Kuedo – Onset (Escapism)
Laurel Halo – Hour Logic
Claude Speeed – Bcccc
Claude Speeed – Dreamdream / Heart Racing
Luniz – 5 On It (Claude Speeed Short Edit)
Ango – What You Lose
Slimes – Slappers Only
Kim Hiorthoy – Det Blev Fel
Manabu (Santaruru) Namiki – Fly to the Leaden Sky (Arcade Version)
Claude Speeed – Drop Juke Out Edit
Claude Speeed – Moon Chord Supermagic
Sun Kil Moon – Exit Does Not Exist
Oneohtrix Point Never – Replica
Claude Speeed – Edo / Weird Cop

83. Claude Speeed (American Men) – 4th Day Mixtape

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Stop me if you’ve heard this one before but we put out a record called Cool World in July 2010. It’s an electronic vision of rock music by our friends American Men. We added a remix disk with work by Falty DL, Optimum & Ikonika, Machinedrum & Hudson Mohawke and hence put out our first gatefold double vinyl. It’s probably the most satisfied we’ve been as a bunch of guys making records, that we made a complete project. And if you’ve ever been lucky enough to catch the full band live you will be as hooked as we were, many moons ago when Claude Speed showed me their myspace page. And so kick back and enjoy Claude’s own heady mix of golden era electronica and drone-pulled corporate rock: a mission statement for the year ahead.

Peace to Becca

76. American Men – Middle of Sun Mixtape

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Alilloyd from American Men didn’t make this for the site or anything. He just posted it to our private forum where we all swap music and talk about world affairs (read R&B Gossip) . We all just loved it cause this summer it’s been a lot of shows. Lot of clubs. Maybe not as much sun as we might of deserved. And so in the eternal hunt for new music to play out we slept on the Emeralds LP and a lot more of Ali’s choices. A shot of pure Vitamin D in the ear.

Peace to our Sonar front row.

29. Claude Speeed (American Men) – No Drums Mix

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A beyond refreshing selection of drum-less eclectic songs spliced with talk radio, lectures and sound concede. But it’s more than that. It’s heart achingly beautiful music that helps remind us that in compiling other peoples songs into a narrative one can have a great impact. Together these songs becomes a unique whole. From the guitarist and keyboardist of American Men this mixtape is guaranteed to cut to the core of you.

Peace to Loren on the cover of The Face

boards of canada – corsair
james orr complex – fade grey to fade blue
bump and bubble – tyrone slothrop
fuck buttons – sweet love for planet earth
chris clark – reen 1930s
khonnor – i was everything you wanted until i quit
sun kil moon – trucker’s atlas
lusine – jetstream
david grubbs – a dream to help me sleep
hood – untitled
dorian concept – teeth and vhs tapes
rachel’s – his eyes
joni mitchell – banquet
sunczartemple – sun3
solum – drone_police
boards of canada – olson version 3

13. Claude Speeed (American Men) – Cool World Tape

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We asked Claude Speeed of AmericanMen to make us a tape of his favourite ‘real’ music to offset all our tricks, soft synths and fakery. This tape has been played in the daytime, more than any other tape we have published.

Peace to Anna & Rosie

russia – how i first imagined central park
lightning bolt- assassins
trans am – television eyes
maps and atlases – every place is a house
ganger – capo (south of caspian)
russia – output 1-2 (piano)
chavez – top pocket man
les savy fav – i.c timer
big black- bad penny
oxes – dear spirit, i’m in france
americanmen – ccccccc
tortoise – glass museum
slint – rhoda
gastr del sol – blues subtitled no snese of wonder
do make say thing – classic noodlanding
growing – onement
lightning bolt – wonderful rainbow
laeto – tears on the golf course


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