Andrew Gordon Mcpherson aka Ango came and stayed here at Woodhaven after his spell with Lunice at Red Bull Music Academy. Both the guys blood was thick on two weeks of taurine, syrup and partying but we shared our love of the rnb and youtube stand up comedy. We spent our final night making this beat tape video (2 beats in 2 hours) which may see light of day some time.

Basically the story goes that come June 2010 LuckyUs all headed to Barcelona for Sonar and met up with Ango again who had been flown to perform at the festival immediately after Caribou’s packed out day time show. Ango really really impressed us by segueing beautifully through hip hop and all this 120 smackey disco, right up to UKF and industrial techno. It was hands down one of the most cleverly sculpted live shows we had seen. As soon as he walked of the stage we got at him for a demo. And a week later we’re sat drinkin espresso in Scotland like ain’t nothin better, talking about the future.

That was the foreword, and chapter one reads that Ango has created an ep better than we ever could have expected. Subtle influences of late 80s pop, early 90s house and RnB of the 2000s. Lyrically this is a polarised collection of love songs expressing the way up and the way back down. Crystal sharp synths and hats spring up above processed vocals. Beautiful harmonies punctuate thumping, looping drums. It’s a balanced record: upbeat and deep, vintage and yet totally modern, as heart aching as it is uplifting. Our tenth record is something special.

The Deluxe Vinyl is out worldwide January 17th with additional songs and exclusive download content.


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ANGO, Andrew Gordon Macpherson, Jacques Greene, LuckyMe

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Ango Mixtapes

81. ANGO – Day Two Make Out To This Mixtape

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Andrew Gordon Mcpherson aka ANGO delivers one of the most satisfying RnB selections of the year, just sneaking-her-in for the final week. This tape is all smiles. Can’t wait to hear what 2011 holds for him as he gears up with a debut record and very likely a host of other releases and remixes with fellow labels. Keep an eye on ANGO, cause his electronic soul music tinged with hip hop, house and disco might well offer an overdue alternative to the reverb’d swathes of melancholy that defined 2010.

Peace to Miriam

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