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Claude Speeed has been an intimate influence on this label since it’s formation. With a history in rock bands dating back to his his pre teens we finally began working together with the release of American Men’s Cool World EP [2010] – the 4 piece math rock group that Speeed forged from various innovative Scottish bands. But after three years of travelling the world, submerged in electronic music and sound recording on the road through India, he has relocated to Berlin like so many of our friends, with a view to release new music. Speeed never stopped writing, never stopped recording – and in 2014 we are proud to finally present the debut album by Claude Speeed – a vast soul searching work drawing from Scottish Post Rock, Electronica, Contemporary Classical, Metal & Drone. ‘My Skeleton’ is out now on LuckyMe Records.


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Claude Speeed, American Men, LuckyMe, Drone, Classical, Post rock,

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claude speeed Mixtapes

Claude Speeed, American Men, LuckyMe

110. Claude Speeed – White Horses & Swells Mixtape

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Travelling the far east for the majority of the last year with nothing more than 4Kg luggage, headphones and a macbook air, Claude has written a series of albums for his band Americanmen & of course his more electronic, amorphous solo material. But this is not a selection cut from a salt-bleached, tie-dyed cloth. No, this seems more like a loving tribute to the West. Like he’s cracking knuckles and returning home anew. He has continually provided this series with our favourites and I know that time will count this ‘White Horses & Swells’ Mix amongst them. A perfectly picked selection of contemporary classical stirred into musique concrete and his own exclusives. We can’t wait to reveal more Claude Speeed & American Men projects as the year rolls on.

Peace to the Najaaraq, and welcome back Stuart


83. Claude Speeed (American Men) – 4th Day Mixtape

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Stop me if you’ve heard this one before but we put out a record called Cool World in July 2010. It’s an electronic vision of rock music by our friends American Men. We added a remix disk with work by Falty DL, Optimum & Ikonika, Machinedrum & Hudson Mohawke and hence put out our first gatefold double vinyl. It’s probably the most satisfied we’ve been as a bunch of guys making records, that we made a complete project. And if you’ve ever been lucky enough to catch the full band live you will be as hooked as we were, many moons ago when Claude Speed showed me their myspace page. And so kick back and enjoy Claude’s own heady mix of golden era electronica and drone-pulled corporate rock: a mission statement for the year ahead.

Peace to Becca

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