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Ross Birchard is the one of the most exciting record producers to come out of Scotland in the last ten years,  seducing heads and ravers alike with his neon-lit R&B and warehouse smashing low-end production. Now, as the unlikely poster boy for a new generation of genre-mangling UK artists, he’s touring across the globe & producing for chart-topping urban-pop names like Kanye West, Chris Brown and Azealia Banks.

Hip Hop has always been at Birchard’s beating heart. A champion DJ by 15 he emerged in his late teens as Hudson Mohawke, a founding member of the LuckyMe “at the creative nexus of Glasgow’s electronic scene” – a neo-noir comic book character determined to redefine the ‘super producer': a role where the underground is the mainstream and the rule book fits in 140 characters or less.

He is certainly on course. HudMo, as he is affectionately known, quickly became LuckyMe’s secret weapon; signing album deals from early demos with the gold standard of electronic music Warp Records. Among the ranks of Aphex Twin, Boards of Canada, Squarepusher, Flying Lotus and fellow LuckyMe cohort Rustie, he continues to perfect his sound: classic soul samples siphoned through bombastic air horns, heart-aching top line melody floating above rattling half-time tempos. A truly modern artist belonging to true-hip hop’s lineage, but equally inspired by the pop/soul hybrids of Quincy Jones. The main room happy hardcore rave and the deep, dark roots of techno are all viscerally acknowledged in this music – even at it’s most pop.

Hudson Mohawke has been a name present in hotlists since his first LP putting ‘Butter’ back in 2009, but it appears 2012 is his brightest yet. New credits seem to emerge daily from the highest ranks of the majors. He’s tasted the US Billboard charts with one of the year’s best received EPs as TNGHT (alongside Montreal’s Lunice). With recent love from Rolling Stone, Fader, NME, Spin, The Guardian, Dazed, The Independent, Vice, Notion, XLR8R, Fact & many more –  Hudson Mohawke maintains that holy ground between cult DJ and arena-smashing producer. He packs out shows from Shoreditch to SXSW causing avid moshpits and roadblock queues to a young, smart and open minded audience. Who else today unites the affections of Kanye West to Bjork, Just Blaze to Battles, Drake to Fourtet. This is no longer the hot name we’re waiting for the world to catch up on – from the ground up to the top down people know Hudson Mohawke is ready to change the game.


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Hudson Mohawke

Hudson Mohawke



Hudson Mohawke Mixtapes

TNGHT, Hudson Mohawke, lunice, Hud Mo, LuckyMe, Loonice

112. TNGHT – The Full Mission Statement Mixtape [explicit]

Click here to download

First cut in half and broadcast with Mista Jam, then the full hour revealed on the Diplo & Friends show in at 1am on 15.07.12. Then posted with our folks at Rolling Stone magazine – here you go – the full, uncensored version. TNGHT’s debut EP out now on Warp X LuckyMe, everywhere.

Peace to the Thea & S-Type in the photo


1 John Carpenter – Back to the pod (version 2)
2 SpaceGhostPurrp – Get Yah Head Bust
3 Dj Zirk – Lock Em In Da Trunk (Chopped & Screwed Tommy Kruise Remix)
4 Lil Ugly Mane feat. Denzel Curry – Twistin
5 Jackie Chain feat. Bun B & Big K.R.I.T. – Parked Outside
6 Lady Bee – Hard Like A Criminal
7 Dj Squeeky & Tha Family – Death To You Playa Hata
8 Snoop Dogg feat. Master P – Snoop World
9 Lunice – Youngin (Paper) (forthcoming LuckyMe)
10 TNGHT – Bugg’N (forthcoming Warp X LuckyMe)
11 2Chainz feat. Drake – No Lie
12 Lunice – Believe Dat (forthcoming LuckyMe)
13 TNGHT – Ridin Up
14 Chief Keef feat. Kanye West, Pusha T, Big Sean & Jadakiss – I Don’t Like (Remix)
15 TNGHT – Goooo (forthcoming Warp X LuckyMe)
16 GOOD Music – Mercy x Furnace
17 Hudson Mo – Chimes
18 Sasha Go Hard – I’m Hotta
19 Zebra Katz x Boyfriend – Winter Titty
20 Decibel – GAP
21 TNGHT – Bounce Hitum
22 Waka Flocka Flame – Rooster in my Rari (TNGHT official remix)
23 TNGHT – Higher Ground (forthcoming Warp X LuckyMe)
24 Stabber – Torsion Force
25 S-Type – Billboard (forthcoming LuckyMe)
26 TNGHT – Go Get Busy (forthcoming Warp X LuckyMe)
27 Zodiac – Girlgirlgirl
28 John Carpenter – Over the Wall

Hudson Mohawke, Valentines Slow Jams Volume 5, LuckyMe Mixtape, Hud Mo

103. Hudson Mohawke – Valentines Slow Jams Chapter V

Click here to download

5 years deep, the kid Hudson Mohawke returns with the definitive soundtrack to Valentines. Look, cancel that reservation. Put the money into good pizza and champagne. You’re getting this shit for free so buy your spiritual counterpoint something: the Heathers DVD, a single rose, some salted caramels…whatever. You got all the other magic you need right here. And if you’re alone tonight that’s okay; being into shit like this you’re gonna be fine. Trust us. Buy yourself those caramels. Get naked enough. Let a lil Mo get inside you… Happy Valentines everybody.

92. Hudson Mo – Valentines Slow James Chapter IV

Click here to download

It is with great pride we present the 4th Valentines Slow Jams compendium by Hudson Mo. This time it’s a sparkling, sweat-drenched slab of hormones from the early 2000s with just a dash of Tevin Campbell cause… well…. he had to. So kick back in your dune-buggy or lay down naked on your sushi table. Light a candle and turn up the mids on this, another Hudson Mohawe soundtrack to make love to.

3LW – Crush on U
Mya – For the First Time
Donnell Jones – Do U Wanna
Tweet – My Place
Babyface – There She Goes
Tevin Campbell – Could It Be
Joe – Peepshow
Montell Jordan – Let’s Cuddle Up
Jagged Edge – Can I Get With You
Ginuwine – All Night All Day
112 – Peaches n Cream

60. Hudson Mohawke – Valentines Slow Jams Chapter 3

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You know the deal. No one does it like Mo. Chapter 3 of his Valentines Slow Jam Tapes – released 14th February 2010. Go run a bath, bottle of Jacobs Creek, and this.

Peace to this ass. Has the tape photo thing gone too far?


49. Hudson Mohawke – Butter Mix

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Yeahhhhhh. Butter was the debut album on Warp Records by Hudson Mohawke and to celebrate its release he made us this tape. Crew love.

Peace to Mamiko Motto

26. Hudson Mohawke – Valentines Slow Jams Chapter 2

Click here to download

We had to do it. Part two of the ugliest baby-makers man ever made, fresh for 2009.

Peace to Sophie

19. Hudson Mohawke – Mary Anne Hobbs Experimental Session 30/07/08

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Peace to this lady from the Thugs & Hug, Dazed Party at Sonar

Aardvarck – ‘Water’ (Nod Navigators)
Mammal Ft Chris Brown/TPain – ‘Kiss Kiss’ (Mo Twrk)
Hudson Mo – ‘Zo0o0m’ (unreleased 2006)
Hudson Mo – ‘Open Lock’ (unreleased 2005)
HoC – ‘Work That’ (All City)
Hudson Mo – ‘Girders loop’ (unreleased 2007)
Hudson Mo – ‘Returning’ (Unreleased 2007)
Hudson Mo – ‘Dip It Low’ (unreleased 2007)
Hudson Mo – ‘Sequon loop’ (unreleased 2006)
Nas ft Keri Hilson – ‘Hero Instrumental’
MonoPoly – ‘MS20’
American Men – ‘Cool Snake’
James Pants – ‘Blowjob’
Damfunk – ‘Thank You’
Mike Slott – ‘Sumz’ (unreleased 2008)
Hudson Mo – ‘Polkadot Blues’ (Warp)
Harmonic 313 – ‘El n Kat rough mixx’
Hudson Mo – ‘Spotted’ intro
Hudson Mo – ‘Butterfat’ (unreleased 2007)
Rustie/Joker – ‘Play Doe’
Hudson Mo – ‘500 loop’
Heralds of Change – ‘Bopgunn’ (All City)
Hudson Mo – ‘YoNard’ (Warp)

11. Hudson Mohawke – Valentines Slow Jams Chapter One

Click here to download

The original Slow Jams mixtape by the best who did it.

Peace to the Kate


7. Hudson Mohawke – RBMA Mixtape

Click here to download

Hud Mo was accepted as student to Red Bull Music Academy in Toronto in 2007 and made this mix on his return. It was on this trip that Steve Beckett of Warp Records publicly asked him to release on the label. A pretty incredible forum to be accepted onto a label we so greatly admired.

Peace to Eclair Fifi

Keaver – Cleff Recherd (cdr)
Clark Ft Soulja Boy – Autumnal Crank (Warp/Interscope)
Machine Drum – Don’t Wait (Normrex)
le N?ko – Loas En Je Laisse (cdr)
Chingy Ft Keri Hilson – Let Me Love You (Capitol)
Seiji – Chiggy Time (Sonar Kollektiv)
Sleepless Crew – Cold Rock (subplate )
Gaby y Carlos – Hot Heavy Heat (Dimlite Mix)
Taz – Strike First HudMo mix (Ramp)
V.C. – Hurme (cdr)
Timbaland – Give It To Me Rmx ft JayZ (Mosely Music)
Samiyam – Box (cdr)
debruit – Puccek (cdr)
SwizzBeats – Money In The Bank HudMo rmx (cdr)
Onra – Shhhhh (cdr)
Olivier Daysoul – Brain (cdr)
Teebs – Thai Bells (cdr)
Sleepless Crew – Vudootronics (cdr)
Nicole Scherzinger – Whatever You Like Inst. (Interscope)
Flying Lotus – Camel (cdr)
Rustie – Japanese Telecom Remix (cdr)
Claudia Fonti – iii (cdr)
Claudia Fonti – four (cdr)
Twista – 2 Times (Atlantic)
Cassie – Sometimes (Badboy)
Mike Slott – Good Morning (cdr)
Hudson Mo – Root Hands (cdr)

4. Heralds of Change – Roskilde Mixtape

Click here to download

This mix was produced for the Roskilde Festival of 2007 and features Heralds of Change in two halves.

Peace to CIorsdan

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