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Mike Slott is a musician routed in Jazz and Classical music but raised with Hip Hop and Electronic equipment. It’s becoming a familiar story these days but strip the story and gear away and you are left with one of the subtlest, most naturally gifted modern producers of the moment. His bravery to explore percussive, textural soundscapes with shifting plates of synthetic melody has earned him kudos from some of the worlds leading musicians and critics. Slott was one of the founders of LuckyMe and together we have grown up from the bare floorboards of a flat in Glasgow, recording hip hop long into the night, through to the backrooms of concerts in Manhattan. Mike’s tribute to his new home in NYC came in the form of Lucky 9Teen, his debut LP released on LuckyMe in October 2009. But with his foray into dance music with collaborations with Martyn 3024, touring his bespoke alternative soundtrack to the 2003 film The Return by Andrei Zvyagintsev, our Lucky 9Teen license across Japan as an expanded CD album and a new album almost ready to master, the next months hold much for this humble innovator.


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Mike Slott 2014 by Adam Saewitz

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Mike Slott Mixtapes

58. Mike Slott — Fernando Castillo Mix

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I was making my way back to Scotland from the Numbers X Fabric takeover and I was feeling hungover and despondent. Despite a great crowd, great music and a great party – I was a total spoiled brat. I rode out the download of Mike’s new tape on the shitty train wi-fi and from the first 30 seconds of track one something shook me awake. Without planning it Mike had reminded me why we do what we do. It’s not a mix of white labels. Not cue-point ableton mixed. But is so timelessly fresh that it soaked up all my bleak, hung over, post-xmas negativity and turned it into an unexpected smile as I rode a train home in the snow. If there’s something Mike has imparted with this mixtape tribute to the life of Fernando Castillo, it is that we should stop studying our place in our art and start loving it again. We all need to hear that once in a while. It’s stupid and saccharin but I hope my schmutz is somehow relevant to you. Love what you do. And thank you Mike Slott for the wake up.

Peace to Diane. Miss ya kid.

21. Mike Slott – Mary Anne Hobbs Experimental Session 09/10/08

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Mike stood up to Gaslamp Killer on the legendary BBC Radio One Experimental show.

Peace to Monty

Mike Slott – ’23 halfs’ (unreleased)
Mike Slott – ‘Black Keys’ (unreleased)
Mike Slott – ‘Musics Fun’ (unreleased)
Mike Slott – ‘Flunky’ (All City Records)
Rustie – ‘Quick Tunnels’ (unreleased)
Mike Slott – ‘Knock Knock’ (All City Records)
Yann Kesz – ‘Like a Purple Shade’
Mike Slott – ‘Bamhouse’ (unreleased)
Nicole willis – ‘Soul Investigators Theme Mike Slott Reflunk’ (ATC Recordings)
Heralds of Change (Hudson Mo+Mike Slott) ‘Future’ (All City Records)
Mike Slott – ‘Cadet’ (unreleased)
Mike Slott – ‘My Lightbridge’ (All City Records)
Mike Slott – ‘Home’ (unreleased)
Flying Lotus – ‘Roberta Flack’ Mike Slott Reflunk (Warp Records)

4. Heralds of Change – Roskilde Mixtape

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This mix was produced for the Roskilde Festival of 2007 and features Heralds of Change in two halves.

Peace to CIorsdan

3. Mike Slott – SelecTORE Mixtape

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Mike Slizott surprisingly reaches for P-Funk in this early dance minded SelecTORE mix.

Peace to Hanna

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