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The Blessings are founding members of LuckyMe. Alongside Mike Slott and Hud Mo they have steered this label with their design work, A&R and their club djing. Their debut ‘Galaxy High’ was released by Nod navigators, the beat subsidiary of Rush Hour Records. To date they have featured in The Independent, The List, Mixmag, The Newyorker, Nylon, I-D, Dazed & Confused. Check for their guest mixes on Mary Anne Hobbs, XLR8R, URB, Dazed, The List, Vessel, Allez Allez and Brainfeeder.


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The Blessings Mixtapes


90. The Blessings – 11th Day Mixtape for Deadly Rhythm

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The Blessings dropped this tape to spread the word about our Deadly Rhythm X LuckyMe show in November. You should of seen the lineup:

Mike Slott, Lunice, Cubic Zirconia, The Blessings, Kingdom, Optimum & Ikonika. I mean, the whole thing was pretty serious. Short but sweet mix here with that good dose of juju and a handful of world exclusives you can expect from Blessings mixes.

Peace to this lady from Hoya Hoya crowd

79. The Blessings – Brainfeeder Galaxy High Mixtape

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Lotus reached out to us way back at the birth of the Feeder site for a mix but he’s busy and we’re busy. So now, a few weeks from the christening of our debut release with Nod Navigators, The Blessings stitch together a bunch of exclusives. Our shit and our friends shit.

Peace to Abi

74. Eclair Fifi & The Blessings – Road To Sonar 2010 Mixtape

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We’ve been so busy in preparation of releasing Cool World and Many Faces this month, as well as preparing our visuals, live shows and contracts for the big Sonar show that we’re gonna have to sit on our contributors mixtapes til next month. We wanted to give you something special from the crew for this month to coincide with our Sonar spectacular. We called in Eclair & Fine Art late last night and asked if they’d be up for a live mix – no retakes. A one-shot back 2 back pass as a special Sonar Mixtape. Packed full of exclusives from the label roster and our super friends, alongside some straight-up Summer jams for the year. No biggie. It as rough as a good live tape should be with levels all over the place but we think it sounds like we had fun making it. Aight so, here comes the sun everyone. See you on the flipside of Europes largest electronic music festival.

Peace to Georgie

47. The Blessings – Dazed B5C Birthday Mix

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Another mix to celebrate the Ballers 5ocial Club birthday party – this time bringing exclusive LuckyMe unreleased bangers spanning the full spectrum of the labels music. Hosted by the beatuiful folks at Dazed & Confused.

Peace to Maya 808

Nadsroic – Higashi Vs Nishi
Hudson Mohawke – 3.30
Mike Slott – Six AM
Lunice – Hip Pop
The Big Pink – Dominoes (Rustie remix)
Jay Prada – From 1000
The Blessings – Faberge
Respite – Pang
The Blessings – Obama Sushi
Tiago – Hidden Sources
Invest in us skit
Dema – ChangXXX
Hudson Mohawke – Rising 5
American Men – Cool World

46. The Blessings – Nalden Mix

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We made this for the Dutch Wizard of Oz they call Nalden and his flash happy website. His site is full of good shit. And if you’ve ever used We Transfer to send your work, you owe that to him. It’s his site. Peace to Nalden!It was all to get the word out for our clubs 2nd Birthday. Ballers don’t quit.

Peace to Una

Ring the Bells Intro
Teedra Moses- Everybody Rock
Hudson Mohawke- Fuse
Ciara- Go Girl (Blessings Remix)
Mario- Break Up (inst)
Shortstuff- Stuff
Terror Danjah- Zumpi hunter (Swindle Remix)
Respite- Cache
Flying Lotus- Comet (Matthew David Remix)
Mike Slott- 40 Winx
Nadsroic- Peekaboo
Wale- Pretty Girls (inst)
Jesse Boykins III- Tabloids (Machine Drum Remix )
The Blessings- Moranis Riding Ants
Neverending Outro

42. The Blessings – Thunder in Paradise Mix

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The Summer has been a non-starter here in Scotland. It hit me pretty hard the other day when my vitamin deficient dark eyes cast out the studio window for another overcast day in the lab. But shit weather in Scotland holds it’s own subtle beauty – adding an absorbing melancholy to songs that can normally wash over you. The Blessings made three tapes this month – one for Dazed, one for Nalden and this one here as a labour of love with some really weird shit (the first place you ever heard FUSE by Hudson Mohawke for the record) to modern classical, fusion jazz, 90s rnb & soul. Intended to evoke the beauty I see in the white light of a failed Scottish Summer.

Peace to Danna’s friend

24. The Blessings – Floorstep Session 2

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Dom Sum is a pussy who listens to terrible non club music all day and his girl is always telling him to turn off his ecm piano jazz. Here is his floorstep tape. It’s a really rough bunch of edits and it’s umixed – because I’m not a dj.

Peace to this girl from the crowd of Turbo Crunk Montreal. She was clearly lookin right at me. X. Extra peace to Lunice’s hat which stops us seeing her nose. Maybe it’s gross?

susumu yokota – saku
new look – everything
wiz khalifa – shake em off
t.v.o – the dark is rising
daniel johnston – some things last a long time
efdemin – america
american men – ammn sys m2
papa m – plastic energy man
jonny kemp – let the walls come down
theophilus london – cold pillow
leif feat boody b – get digital
hudson mohawke – yo nard
scout niblett – kidnapped by neptune
gary bartz – drinking song
t3 feat elzhi & black milk – yawl
the flamingos – i only have eyes for you
susumu yokota – saku

22. The Blessings – Purple Reign Mixtape

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Doing what he does best is the label boss Fine Art of The Blessings with some great rnb including Turn It Off before the remixes and edits, before the X Factor renditions, before it was an anthem. In fact, before djs on our circuit were even bold enough to play these bold rnb records. I know it’s hard to think about these mixes in their true context – but this was middle of 2009. Really think about it. Rusko & Caspa. Baltimore Club. Funk Carioca. Not this.

Peace to Nuala

Janelle Monae – Many Moons (Trackademicks remix)
Keri Hilson – Turn it Off
Jazzheadz – Heartbeat
Rustie + Joker – Play Doe
Respite – Bside
The Blessings – Faberge
Nitta – Space Rewalk
Lunice + Al Ripken Jr – Bring out the jam
Knowledge + Front2Blaq – Velvet Rope
88keys + JDavey – Dirty Peaches
Nadsroic – Leopards
Rekordah – Cherry Coke
Rod Lee – Let me see (Rustie remix)
CLP – Spaceballs
Paris Houston – Make it bounce 4 ya (Fine Art remix)

14. The Blessings – XLR8R Star Podcast

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The Blessings Star Podcast for XLR8R. A seminal moment I think as it was the first magazine we regularly read that asked for a mixtape. Dom was still rapping at this point and there’s even one of the last Surface Emp tracks on there. It went out to 10,000 people on itunes, and a further 5000 from their own website. And well… It’s deserving of the right mixtape girl.

Peace to Emma

tiago andrade – interstellarjourneys (LuckyMe)
surface emp – moonbeam jars (LuckyMe)
american men – claude speed (the blessings edit)” (LuckyMe)
rustie – shadow enter (LuckyMe)
7VWWVW (aka mammal) – singer/songwriter (Crystal Wish)
mike slott & distant star – boxed in (All City)
respite – off track (the blessings edit) (LuckyMe)
the blessings – scared of heights (LuckyMe)
hudson mohawke – work (jimi tenor retwirk) (LuckyMe)
beyonders – barely eagle Intro (Firecracker)
nadsroic – chemical (LuckyMe)
the blessings – where Is anna? (LuckyMe)
michio okamiya – the story of the heroes birth (Unknown)
hudson mohawke – still on it (LuckyMe)
dema – stoned top the bone (LuckyMe)
eric coleman – what Is love intro (CD-R)
samiyam – petra’s birthday (CD-R)
jay prada – standing by (LuckyMe)
mike slott & muhsinah – Deux three (LuckyMe)
rustie – let you go (keisha cole resmacked (LuckyMe)
the blessings – fructose (LuckyMe)

5. The Blessings – Faux Real Mixtape

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Peace to Christina

the blessings – george jitson
the blessings – yalabama
rustie – deep fried
buddy leezle – luv (hud mo refix)
jay p – keep it lit
dema – hillophi
the blessings – l.o.b
the blessings – anna nicole
rustie + kissyapslund – atomic light and sound
madlib – freeze
illa j – new shit
alecto – hele jaar door
the blessings – sumoon
cinnaman – nonamesforthisone
mr beatnick – + ahu ‘i know all the bitches’
nasty p – nastyesther
nasty p – for defo
the blessings – last days
young jeezy – 22s or better (rustie refix)
hudson mohawke – extra sauce
the cool kids – black mags
the cool kids – gold and a pager
the blessings – shinnin

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