Who Are LuckyMe?

We are a record label and extended family of artists founded in Scotland by Mike Slott, Dominic Flannigan, Martyn Flyn & Hudson Mohawke. The label stays is at the fore of new electronic music and rank over 20 leading musicians and designers all over the world. Some of us are beautiful. Others are ugly. Let us tell you how it all started…

LuckyMe Records began as a 100 capacity club held in a vegan rock venue in Glasgow. We were originally a hip hop group who increasingly became influenced by the Glasgow’s turn over of techno, house, jazz and post-rock.¬†On the auspicious date 07.07.07 in the Chinese year of the Golden Hog we started operating as the site you see here today.

Ours is another real D.I.Y story of artists and young-ass fake business men. All our friends are the product, industry and workforce behind LuckyMe. Arguably more than ever before the UK sits at the epicentre of emerging dance music and we claim our corner, bringing a unique set of influences and innovative artists to the table. We helped carve the first releases and column inches for this new Glasgow scene but where this goes from here is every bit as exciting. This is now a jump-off label, creative agency & management platform for the best new artists changing music. A full-time / no-day-job / no-rich-relatives enterprise based in London, Edinburgh & New York. It’s a good feeling.

So with ever-renewing appreciation, we continue to release our favourite music, shows or artwork for people to eat up in this far too cynical world.

And the assist goes to Glasgow

We owe much to our scene and the somewhat mystical musical environment of Glasgow and it’s Art School. Not all of LuckyMe are from Glasgow these days but know that we do represent her – one of the coolest, most innovative scenes for live music and fashion in the world.

LuckyMe Records



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